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Asking for something specific?

If I want to state something specific like "I would like some water to drink." would this be the correct way of saying it? (Watashi Wa) mizu o hoshi nomimasu. I am trying to get the correct word order and I close or really far off? Thanks Brian


Konnichiwa Brian! To ask: I would like some water to drink. You can just say, *Mizu ga hoshi desu *"I would like water"- you don't necessarily need the "to drink" part. (just like in English" You can add *GA HOSHI* to anything you want. If you want COKE, say *Koka kora ga hoshi desu.* :shock:

Thank you. That make is so simple! :lol:

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How much do i have to pay every month?


You don't pay monthly. Once you bought a course, you have lifetime access to it.


What would be a good way of saying, "What happened?" Thank You, Steve


こんにちは! A good way of saying "What happened ? " is どうしたの?(doushita no ?). コッド


Is that short for "doushita no desu ka?" I would want to be very polite (business). Arigato Gozaimashita,


Yes, that's the short form of "doushita no desu ka ?" and yes, the long form is more polite. Or, if you want to sound a little more friendly you can use the short form of "no", and it also makes the receiver understand that you want an explanation: "doushita-n desu ka ?" Hope this helps :D, コッド


ありがとございました コシドーさん!


In a very polite situation, you can also say: Dou shita no deshou ka? どうしたのでしょうか? sayaka ;)


When i signed up for this I thought I was going to be able to talk directly to someone, on live chat. But since I can't my question is why do people speak Spanish in Dominican Republic if it is not Spain? Since the Spanish language originated from Spain.


I don't speak japan language,so I can not help you .Sorry. :(

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