Forum Rocket Japanese Japanese Vocab Best suggested setup for flashcards?

Best suggested setup for flashcards?



Just wondering how others studying Japanese set up their flashcards in Rocket…

Sound On/Off ?
Front of FlashCard: Kana?  Kanji? Romaji?  English?
Back of FlashCard:  Kana?  Kanji? Romaji?  English?

Initially I chose Sound:on, English on the front, and Kana+Kanji on the back, but that setup is less helpful if I simply don't remember vocabulary or grammar. So I decided to switch to Kana+Kanji on the front, English on the back—but then the Japanese audio played over the English which isn't ideal.

What setup would other Rocket users suggest? (I could just turn off the audio, but I really want the ear-training.)


Ideally sound on to hear the pronunciation if the sound is available.

Front side English and guess the word in Japanese.

Then after a week switch sides and do reverse.

If you can get an app or program and load the stuff on then it is even better. Check out youtube videos of BYKI flashcards. They no longer support or sell that program but if you can get anything remotely like that then you will memorise words on a phenomenal level which is what helped me big time.

I am currently loading all my flashcards lists and vocab onto this site if you look at other peoples public flashcards. 

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