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Dialect or a completely different word?


I have been watching TV Japan and am constantly hearing a word that sounds like "sukoshi".  The difference is that the long o sound in --koshi sounds like a short o sound, --kawshi.  Would that be just a dialectic pronunciation or a completely different word?  Thanks for your help, as I am really curious.


To make sure I'm understanding the word correctly, you mean すこし (a little—first appearance in module 1.4)?


Only word in the dictionary is a little bit


Tony, that's pretty much what I thought, that maybe it is just a dialect from whatever part of Japan the programs are from.  Thanks for your help.

夫婦茶碗, I'm assuming that's the word the various speakers mean.  It's so close to Sukoshi that I thought that is probably it.


Probably dialect or expression maybe. I have heard when Japanese people sing for instance they can change how words sound entirely.


I sort of thought that was it.   My best guess was dialect.  Thanks.

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