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どれ ぐらい dore gurai


In lesson 1.4 どれ ぐらい  ( dore gurai ) is translated as "how long" and refers to a length of time.  "How long have you been studying Japanese?" Would I also use that phrase to refer to a distance?  Example: "How long is that piece of pipe?"


That is a hard one.

I know in distance there is どの距離 きょり which refers to distance and I have heard of that being used in circumstances like how long is it from here to the airport. 


Thanks for your reply, Tony-S10. My first reaction to your reply, as an English speaker, was to think, "I wouldn't say "How long?" for the distance to the airport, but "How far?" My second reaction, as a newbie Japanese speaker, who can say "How long?" but doesn't yet know how to say "How far?" is that "How long is it from here to the airport?" might be a perfectly reasonable way to ask the distance. And a learning opportunity, if I made a mistake!



Length is 長さ ながさ which I am not sure is covered in this course. Like プールの長さは何ですか プールの深さは何ですか 

first one is how long is the pool?

second one is how deep is the pool?

nagasa is length and fukasa is depth where as nagai is long and fukai is deep



Hi everyone,

You can use「どれぐらい」to refer to other things. E.g. When asking a waitress about how big a meal is: 「どれぐらい大きいですか。」

Hope that helps!


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