Hi konnichiwa... What is the meaning of hodo in the following lyrics? 風に吹かれるほど烈しくなる心にはぐれそうな想い出がまた優しく灯る l appreciate your help. Onegaihimasu.


The expression after hodo is so strong that it is enough to determine the condition in the expression before hodo. This is the general way to interpret things when hodo is used this way. The sentece could be translated as (because it's part of some lyrics, I cannot do a precise translation): Stray feelings become so gently lit again for the fierce heart that it is enough to make the wind blow. Another example: Nakitai hodo itai-ndesu ! - it hurts so much that it makes me cry !


Here's a simple tip, but may not be exactly correct, but good for simplifying things. You can understand hodo = like(eg.: Nakitai hodo = want to cry like.....). Similarly other uses as are also given in this course - Anata hodo(like you), the complete sentence is Anata hodo jozu ja nai desu = Not as good as you( or as good like you). This is generally used when comparing some adjective or intangilble or uncountable noun with someone or something as also explained in the sentence given above - Nakitai hodo.....

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