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Forum Rocket Japanese Japanese Vocab How do I say mom and dad in Japanese?

How do I say mom and dad in Japanese?



I want to be able greet my mom and dad in Japanese!


お母とお母さん = Mom "Ofukuro" (お母) is when talking about your own mom. "Okaa-san" (お母さん) is when talking about someone else's mom. 父とお父さん = Dad "Chichi" (父) = Your own dad "Otou-san" (お父さん) = Someone else's dad An easy mnemonic device for remembering the word for (your own) dad is that "Chichi" in Japanese can also mean breast and well us men do love breasts... :lol: It's a very sexual mnemonic device but that's why it works so well.


Konnichiwa! As Derek-san has mentioned - Kurei-san, the most proper way to address your own parents is: お父さん、お母さん (Otousan, Okaasan). If you want to speak about them to someone else, that is, referring to your parents, you'd want to use the terms: 父、母 (Chichi, Haha) おふくろ (Ofukuro) - as written by Derek-san, is not used commonly by female speakers. You will hear it used generally by men. -Hope that helps! -Sayaka :P

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