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Forum Rocket Japanese Japanese Vocab How many ways can you say "yes" in Japanese?

How many ways can you say "yes" in Japanese?

Nick Hoyt

Nick Hoyt

Hey everyone, in English there are lots of ways to basically say "yes" like "yeah, yep, yes, mhmm" etc.

How many ways are there to say "yes" in Japanese? I know you can say はい (hai) as the formal yes, and I just learned about ええ (ee) for a more informal yes. Are there anymore?

toru e

toru e

There's also うん. They use this along with ええ in Genki a lot for the more casual/informal tone. The problem is that "no" is ううん, so you need to make sure you do that "double beat" on the うう.
Nick Hoyt

Nick Hoyt

Thanks, I appreciate it!


Hi pogginさん and torusan,

What torusan has said is correct! I just want to add a note that「ええ」is mostly used girls and women.

Some other words that mean "yes" include:
「ああ」meaning "Yeah" ; and
「そうそう」meaning "Yeah! I know what you mean."

Keep up the good work! 頑張って下さいね!:)


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