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How to ask for a box of matches



I'm going hiking in Japan and whilst I know how to ask for camping gas, I do not know how to ask for a box of matches. Google translate seems to get a bit confused with this one. Matchi no bokkusu is about it's best guess.

Anyone care to suggest something better?



The correct translation is

マッチ箱 macchi bako

Google translate is useless for Japanese. Only good for individual words if you cannot recognise a kanji in something you are trying to read.

Is it just the above you wanted translated of the sentence?


Hi Tony,
Thanks for that.  Would that not literally translate to "match box" though, rather than box of matches? 

I'm not too bothered as I'm pretty sure that something like "macchi bako o kudasai" would get the job done, even if it's a bit rough.

Thanks again.



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