imasu and Ikura desu ka?

2 questions here... What does imasu mean? like with Oishii o mise o shitte imasu or like with ganbatte imasu. also can you use Ikura desu ka? with other things like How much (something) is left...or can you only use it when asking how much yen something is? arigato


Konnichiwa! :D *IMASU* is the formal version of the verb *IRU* "I am", "you are", "we are", "they are". (Remember that in Japanese you don't need to conjugate verbs based on person, gender or number!) When *IRU *or *IMASU* is added after another verb, like *SHITTE* in: *So, Oishii o mise o SHITTE imasu* you're talking about a __STATE__. For example, *HAITTE IRU* is the state after something entered. Or, just means _SOMETHING IS IN IT_. Your sentence would then literally mean you're in a state of knowing a good yummy restaurant. Or, more naturally "_I know a delicious restaurant_." :idea: *Gambatte imasu* means "I am doing my best" or "I am sticking it out" ---- Now, *IKURA DESU KA?* is ONLY used to ask how much something is. But it does not limit to money. You can ask, _how much does my bag weigh? _ *Kaban no omosa wa IKURA DESU KA?* as well. So, *IKURA* is the english expression _"How much...?"_ These are great questions! Have fun learning! Matane! :shock:

ahhh! i get it now! Thank you, i was having a hard time understanding imasu but i got it now thanks to your explanation. arigato

2 questions with imasu again :P Would oishii o mise o shitte imasu ka? mean: Do you know a delicious resturant? and When would you use iru instead of imasu?

1 more i just thought of while looking through the grammer things in the lessons....can you make imasu negative?


Konnichiwa Puddle-san! You are CORRECT!!! Omedeto! :lol: Oishii o mise o shitte imasu ka? __DOES__ mean: Do you know a delicious restaurant? Now, the difference of IRU and IMASU is... IRU is for colloquial, informal speech while IMASU is for polite, formal conversations. So, you would say to a friend, Oishii o mise o shitte IRU - "I know a delicious restaurant" And, to your boss: Oishii o mise o shitte IMASU -"..same meaning" The NEGATIVE of *IMASU* is *IMASEN* :shock:

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