Forum Rocket Japanese Japanese Vocab Is there a book out there related to kanji's used for daily life?

Is there a book out there related to kanji's used for daily life?


My current knowledge of kanji is from the genki books... I started from basic and finished until intermediate.. Now, I'm trying my way to expand my knowledge both on tango before I focus more on grammar patterns.

So, I want to find a good book that focus more on daily life or activities. While I'm researching each kanji from the genki books in the internet... I want a more diverse or a book that can tell more of that kanji, it's onyomi and kunyomi reading  and even additional tango with it. 


There is another thread already going with the answers to the questions you need.

The perfect book for you is to purchase Essential Kanji by P.G. O'neil. It is literally the best book in the entire world when it comes to learning Kanji, it is the perfect hand held size and has all the answers you are looking for. The book is completely idiot proof in a way that it explains kanji so clearly that even the slowest learner will learn kanji fast.

The trick with kanji is to learn all the radicals first. Once you learn the radicals you will be able to recognise it easily and be able to write it. 

This video might help explaining it better -

However if you want to learn kanji it is compulsory that you purchase the above book.


Perfect book? I doubt that. :-) I went with the much much newer "Kodansha Kanji Learner's Course", which is from 2014 not 1974. It has a companion dictionary "Kodansha Kanji Learner's Dictionary" and a web site with a lot of tips about how to approach learning kanji in a modern way, with an SRS system like Anki or Memrise for instance.


computer programs or online courses are no good for kanji memorisation, in fact they are totally useless. The only way to learn kanji is with pen to paper. You must get the brush stroke correct, learn the radicals and keep writing it over and over to get it right.  Kanji has not changed at all in 2014 to make 1970 books obsolete.

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