Kanji practice apps for iOS


Looking for recommendations for good Kanji practice apps for iOS. I like KanjiDraw because it lets me practice drawing the Kanji on my iPhone or iPad, will give me a customizable level of hints when drawing the Kanji, will provide lists of words using the Kanji, does both read and write quizzes, and lets me create my own groupings of Kanji’s for bite sized practice sessions (examples are numbers, days of week, body parts, etc.). It is also somewhat possible to search for the Kanji you are looking for without going through the whole list. The biggest drawback is the limited number of Kanji available.

Kanji Star has a more extensive library of Kanji and also uses the Kanji in words and allows write practicing. But you are stuck with the default groupings (mostly by grade level or JLPT level)and cannot create your own lists for practice. And to find the Kanji you want to practice, you have to read through each of the lists to find it. Scrolling through 2134 Kanji to find the one you are looking for is tedious to say the least.

Anyone have any experience with something better?


wanikani.com  (They have a huge list of other sources as well.)

I think these work on iOS.


As above wanikani works on iPhone but it is slow releasing lessons which might be frustrating if you want to cram or feel that your progress is above their entry level. It is useful once you get to a level you have not gone past.

Personally I like to keep a small notepad in my front pocket at work and have some Kanji I want to practice and when I have spare time I just write them out. It seems to be working doing it the old fashioned way for me.


Yes, it does start out slow, but I promise it gets crazy after a few levels.  I also write out the Kanji in a binder for easy reference and practice.

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