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Hi Everyone 

In an effort to "think" in Japanese I thought it would be a good idea to label the heck out of all of the everyday items I come into contact wish. So I was wondering if anyone knew where I might find pre made labels that I  can stick to everyday things I would find around the house, office, car, store, etc? I say pre made because I worry that I would use the wrong form/translation if I made my own labels... 

Your thoughts and ideas would be very much appreciated :) 




You might try getting label printing paper (like Avery from Staples), and then make your own.  Find the words in Rocket Japanese (or use Google Translate) and then copy and paste.  Then print it on your label paper.


I would highly recommend using a Japanese/English dictionary (like instead of Google translate (which is often wrong) or RJ (which often gives contextual translations).


Thanks for the advice Robert-C7 and Samuel-88. 

I have used Google translate and often find that the translation is wrong. Does RJ have a dictionary ?! That would be a fantastic tool if it did. 

Thanks again 



The closest thing that I can see to a dictionary is MyVocab.  That may work for you.  Other people may be able to recommend online Japanese/English dictionaries.


I would suggest writing Japanese on items and on paper. As you put pen to paper you get to know how to write it and it becomes quicker to read and understand.


We think alike Tony-S10 :) 


A good online Japanese dictionary is


I enjoy Romajidesu. You can look up things in kanji, kana, romaji, and English meanings. They also have a translator that is about as good as google translate (meaning hit or miss...), but it also breaks the sentence down into kana, romaji, and individual words that you can hover over or click to see individual meanings all in one place. Really convenient! 


I'll have to check out Romajidesu, too.  Thanks, Izwiers91.

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