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Forum Rocket Japanese Japanese Vocab かっこいい? かっこういい? (Module 4.4 Sporting Conversation 2nd half)

かっこいい? かっこういい? (Module 4.4 Sporting Conversation 2nd half)



The word for "good looking" 「かっこいい」 is used to describe a soccer player in the dialogue for module 4.4.
However, in the vocabulary section the word for "good looking" is written as 「かっこういい」

Is there any rule regarding which to use in a given situation? It's tripping me up in the exercises.


Hi 夫婦茶碗-san!

The word for "good looking" should be「かっこいい」. I have since updated the vocabulary section for Module 4.4

Also, the interesting thing about this word is that it actually comes from the words「格好」(かっこう)"shape/form" and「いい」"good". It seems like the extra「う」in「かっこう」was taken out over time to form this adjective.

So, an easy way to remember this word is that, if one's shape/form is good, that person is "good looking" :)

Hope that helps!



Thanks Crystal!


Crystal, your answer is great.  I always enjoy the history of words.

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