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rounaji n level 2 lessn study flashcards



i MUST get the rōmaji off these lesson flashcards

i  NEVER used it before, but at level 2 ???

In some parts off a lesson, it can turned ff, as can English.

Why English cannot be turned off n the Extra study sectins BAFFLES me ... am i missing something ?

 i don't want to ben stuck in a web browser as i am now an app user !!!


be stuck

can i not edit my conversation opener in this forum ?

Facebook allows edits ...

ff == read: 'off'

oy vey


Hi Robert, 


Our apologies for the inconvenience! In the new 2021 Edition, you have more options with the Flashcards, including choosing what appears at the front of the flashcard. That means you can turn kana/romaji/kanji on and off. Once the card is flipped, whatever is not shown on the front will appear on the back. 


I hope that helps!

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