Two thousand and fourteen


I'm sorry for re-posting this question, but it appears that the link for my previous post is broken or something. I've realised that I don't know how to say 2014 in Japanese! Is it 'ni sen jū SHI' or 'ni sen jū YON'? I apologise if I'm asking for the obvious, but it's really bugging me. Also, if there's a reason for why it is whichever one it is, could you explain this as well please? Thanks in advance :)


Hello there and happy new year :). Well, shi(4) and shici(7) are only used alone, meaning those exact numbers. However, when 4 and 7 are used in numbers bigger than 10 (compound numbers) they are pronounced as yon(4) and nana(7). So the answer to your question is: ni sen juu yon Cheers, Coddo


明けましておめでとうコッドさん :) Thank you so much, I felt a bit silly for asking, but I suppose that's what the forum's here for and it definitely works! Thanks again for your help, Liam

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