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Visualizing and acting it out.

Nick Hoyt

Nick Hoyt

When I do the "Play it!" part of the testing at the end of the lesson, I like to pretend that I am actually there in the room having the conversation with Sayaka or Kenny. 

For Example: In lesson 5.1 At the Dinner Table when I say "どうぞ、召し上がって下さい。(please help yourself) " I pretend that Kenny and I are at a table FULL of food! I then act out that "presenting motion" that people do where you start with your hands together and then spread them wide apart. I do this WHILE I am saying to him "please help yourself."

I find that doing the acting and the hand motions in combination with saying the words really helps me to remember the phrases and what they mean. 

I just thought I would pass on this tip in case it helps anyone else. What do you guys think? Would this help you to remember better?



Yes.  I find I do the same!  Not as far advanced as you are but when I was doing the introductions module I practiced bowing when making introductions.  And shaking my head when I said no etc.

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