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What are you reading?


What are you reading in Japanese?  I just received two new books of Japanese folk tales from the "Learn Japanese with Stories" series.  These are easy stories with just a few sentences on each page and notes on Vocabulary and Grammar for the sentences on the same page.  The stories are from Japanese folklore.  Then they have the complete stories in Japanese and English.  It helps you check your reading and comprehension after working through the stories.  So far I really like the set up and plan to order more in the series.  I was also feeling confident as I already knew much of the Kanji in Volume 1.                                                                                                                                                                       

So what are you reading in Japanese and how are you liking it?                                              


I need to find a new manga series. I'm not reading any supplemental material at the moment and I fear my Japanese is regressing.



That's exactly why i bought my books.  The more practice I get, the better I get.  I have to keep on the reading and grammar.

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