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Korean language


Hi How can i learn about Korean culture?? where can i find information about it??


Most of the stuff I know if from watching Korean tv shows. Obviously you have to leave room for error, but I have a lot of students that are from Korea or other countries with similar cultures. We talk about the shows and compare to what it's really like. There is also a girl on youtube that I enjoy watching. Her user name is sweetandtasty and she talks about the culture as well as the language. I really recommend her KWOW segment (Korean Word of the Week).


Thank you very much for your help :D


Just want to add on to the YouTube suggestions. If you want to learn more about Korean culture, there are many channels on YouTube you can check out. Other than sweetandtasty, you can check out Simon and Martina at Eat Your, and also Hallyu Back. Search for them on YouTube. They also have web-sites that can help you learn more. is a site I use a lot to learn more about Koreans and their culture. Good luck!


you will know it throw their shows and movies. they language is the key to the entire culture but guess the shows are fasters

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