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Hello guys, 

Today I want to talk about how to get place to stay in Korea, 

I want to clarify that there is a special form rent in Korea (that does not exist in western culture and most of Asian culture even)

Obviously there is a 'monthly rent' or called 월세. However, most of the 월세 comes with some down-payment or deposit. For example, you would put down 5,000 dollar deposit and pay 500 dollars for monthly rent, and you would get your deposits back once your contract is finished.
However, most of these contracts are not available for short term contract, or most travelers are pressured by down payment, so there is a term called 깔세 (which is not really dictionary Korean) which is you pay more rent but less deposits, and most likely available for short contract (3months) ex: 750 deposit 750 monthly rent.

Now, there is a form of contract that is very special in Korea called 전세, which does not really have English translation, but if I were to translate, it would be 'whole rent.' This is where you would put down very huge amount of deposit, and in return, you do not pay monthly rent, and you would of course get your money back once the contract is over. 

So when people are talking about house with people in Korea, they would ask if you own the house, or you live in 전세 or 월세. 

When you are getting a room, you would use apps to do it. One famous app is 직방.

However, most of the rooms that are posted up are posted by real estate agents, and when you call the contact number it would be real estate agents. When you meet them in person, they would give you a lot of information on other available room in your price range. 

Once you get your room, you need to pay some money to real estate agent separate from your rent fee, price of which I am unsure nowadays. 

Always get information through friends or online before you do anything!

Please let me know if you have any further question about this. 


this was honestly very helpful! thank you so much for sharing

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