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Download Issues


Hi, I have tried to download the MegaKorean_v7 for PC however the file only downloads 4.78MB and states that the file is corrupted. I have also had this trouble when trying to download the Interactive Audio for Lesson 1.3 Have you Eaten (Part 1).


I had the same problem when I tried to download by Hughesnet. When I tried from a high-speed DSL connection there was no problem! What kind of internet connection do you have? If you don't have DSL try going to a WIFi Hot spot and download the file again and re-install.


Hi Natalie, It sounds like the file didn't download correctly because the file size is too small! It could be your internet connection like Sean mentioned. The solution would be to try downloading it again. If you still have problems, please email our support team at [email protected] - Sujung

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