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I'm new here and like the idea of the vocabulary and phrase games. However, I think they would be more educational if they used Hangul instead of romanized Korean. Are there any plans to set an option for Hangul?

Jeremy V

they have the option for Hangul


I don't see any option for the games to use Hangul.

Jeremy V

click on mega vocab or mega audio at the top there should be a Hangul option and a Romanized Hangul option.


Hi Tony & Jeremy, Our apologies for the confusion. The new Master Games only uses romanization but the older Mega Games has both Hangeul and romanized. If you like, you can contact Support to request the older version of the games but please note that we don't provide support for the old games anymore.


Thank you for your reply 수정씨. :) If you have a chance to give feedback to the developers, I would like to let them know that the new games are a regression. I have no desire to look at the Romanized representation of 한국어, and not having both is a bit of a disservice to those trying to learn. I would give the same feedback to the quizes and any other content that is Romanized 한국어. Sorry, if I sound negative, I truly love this program but think this feedback could make the program that much better.


Hi Tony, Thanks for the feedback - I'll definitely pass it on to the developers, it would be great to play the games in Hangeul!


I agree. It would be better, for learning purposes, to play the games in Hangeul. Are there plans for adding more games in the future?


I agree as well. I was able to get the hangul versions from support but it would be nice if they were part of the course.


The legacy option to choose either Hangeul and romanized sounded really nice

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