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Getting Started


Hey. I've just got Rocket Korean and I've gone through most of the material included in the trial version. I was just wondering how other people are tackling the course. Do you just start from the first lesson and work your way throughout the whole thing? This is what I was planning to do but I noticed that the next "course recommendation" goes out of order of how the lessons are numbered.

Jeremy V

i would do the recommended courses. but, if you decide to do the courses in order make sure to do the language and culture lessons not just the interactive audio lessons. just wondering, are you planning on buying the rocket Korean course?


Yeah I just bought it that's why i was asking about how to tackle the rest of the content. Thanks.

Jeremy V

i would recommend downloading the mp3 audio as well, really helps when you cant get to your computer to study. another recommendation: you should learn the writing first, really helps out when your reading it. the romonized korean is pretty good but is not as accurate as the hangul writing.


I am working across all 5 sections (shown below) at the same time, because I find it more interesting that way; However, with-in each section, I work on the levels in numeric order. 1. Interactive Audio 2. Language and Culture 3. Writing 4. Games 5. Survival Guide I do try to get a least a "Pretty Good" before moving on to the next numeric level, but on a few I did I went forward with a "So-So". I will go back to those until I can get a "Pretty Good". In the end, I hope to have every thing "Pretty Good" with a large percentage of "It's Easy". Hope these helps.

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