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Forum Rocket Korean Korean Feedback and Comments How long does my Rocket Korean membership last?

How long does my Rocket Korean membership last?


When you order a Rocket Languages product you get lifetime access to the Members Area for that product! This includes any changes and improvements that we make to that product! Please note that if we produce a "Premium Plus" or "Platinum" course or similar that it will be considered a separate product.


I Have been studing for some time now, and I have to say this is the best course I have received. The way you break each sentence down and speak slowly os what is helping me more than any other couse. Ihave taken. The other course however help prepare me for your course. My only recomentation is thatwords such as jjigudo I think better written jjigeodo,utdukke written as eodeoke and so on. It just looks like ooh,(oot dook ke sound). Neomu Komsahamnida


Hi Marc, I'm so glad you are enjoying learning Korean with Rocket Korean! :) Romanized Korean is a relatively recent phenomenon in the history of the Korean language. Most Koreans do not use the Romanized alphabet and in fact many can't even read it. The Romanized alphabet is a phonetic translation of Korean script meaning that it is written how the language sounds. As such there is some disagreement over how vowels should sound as well as some dipthongs (two vowels together) and double consonants. Because of this the Korean government introduced an official Romanized alphabet in order to try to standardize it, however in practical everyday life, it is not something that people are using and it has also come in for strong criticism particularly in South Korea. In light of this, and because Rocket Languages is focused on teaching everyday conversations that you are likely to have in Korea, our Korean language experts took the view that it would be better for learners to be taught a Romanized version which is tailored particularly to English speakers and the sounds of the English language so that it focuses on teaching how to pronounce the words, building confidence in speech. However, the course also provides writing lessons and full Korean script in every lesson so that you can learn to recognize written Korean as well. I hope this helps. Sujung


hi... i am still new to this language, but i got the idea of why the romanization here are slightly different from the other web i'm referring to (since you've explained it). i understand the reason of being different, but still i found out myself that it is easier pronouncing the Korean words based on the standard romanization. i could pronouncing those words better than what i read here. luckily, there are speech teaching here so i could correctly says those words. yet this course is very useful though.. :D


환영합니다! Welcome Shidah :) Of course, the best way to pronounce and read Korean is using 한글, the Korean alphabet. The alphabet is comparatively easy to learn and very systematic. Once you know all the letters you can read everything :) I would recommend this site: It has an alphabet chart and a great video tutorial at the end. - Sujung


Lesson 1 says 오래만예요 but I think it should be 오랜만이에요. Am I wrong ?


I was wondering, do you have plans yet to make a Premium Plus or a Platinum version like you have for the Japanese language? To take us beyond an A1 or A2 level? I'd be interested in those courses as well, hopefully studying abroad is in my future and of course when just beginning to learn a language, it's exciting to imagine becoming fluent in it :)


안녕하세요 Francisco and Koriel ^^ You are right Francisco, 오랜만이에요 is the correct spelling. I've fixed this in Lesson 1. 오래만예요 is the contracted form and a lot of people do use 오래만예요 however 오랜만이에요 is the proper dictionary way to spell it. Koriel, we don't currently have plans to develop Premium Plus and Platinum in the near future. I'm sure you understand that it takes a lot of work to make the course! But if we do decide to make Premium Plus, I'm sure you would receive an email about it :) - Sujung

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