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How to access the audio lessons in my pc?



It's easy! In order to download the Interactive Audio Lessons in your PC, please follow the instructions : 1. When you first login please click on "Your course" 2. When you scroll down you will be able to see blue tabs. 3. The first blue tab is called: 1. Greetings, Meetings, Food, and Drink - click on that 4. You will be able to see the first 5 Interactive Audio Course lessons as well as the first 5 Grammar and Culture lessons. 5. The first Interactive Audio Course lesson is called "Introductions and Greetings" 6. Simply click on it to access it. 7. You can then use the navigation buttons at the bottom to move between the different lessons. I hope that helps. Alternatively you can click on the star shaped button named "Take a Tour" when you first login to watch a video tour on how to find your way around the Rocket Italian Learning Lounge. Have fun with Rocket Korean ! :)

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