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Introducing the new Rocket Korean "Play the Part" series!



Hi Everyone,

We've been hard at work at Rocket Korean creating a brand new series for our Korean learners… Introducing our latest conversational series: Rocket Korean Play the Part. 


The Play the Part lessons are designed to help you prepare for on-the-ground, everyday life experiences that you'll encounter while visiting or living in Korea. In them, you will use our Play It! feature to take part in common conversations (e.g. visiting Korean friends; shopping for clothes; attending a wedding; seeing a doctor; etc). At the same time, you'll also get some lists with relevant vocabulary and more handy cultural tips. 

Find out more here:

Let us know what you think of these fun new lessons in the comments below!



Thank you for this, however it is not clear to me if these are 20 completely new lessons and in the case whether they are build upon the same topics covered in the Rocket Korean - Level 1 course and/or whether they cover new grammatical rules. Thanks for clarifying this.



Hi Elena812, 


The Play the Part series are a set of 10 new lessons. They have a slightly different format from our usual lessons. 


  1. Each Play the Part lesson covers two conversations between two native speakers in an everyday situation. There are no grammatical explanations in the Play the Part lessons. Instead, you'll find ots of cultural tips based on the everyday situation, as well as a list of related vocabulary. 

    The situations / topics may overlap with the Interactive Audio lessons (like ordering food at a restaurant), but the conversations are different. Here is the list of the 10 everyday situations in the new Play the Part series:

    Visiting a Korean home
    Shopping for clothes
    Korean streetfood 
    At a theme park
    Attending a wedding
    At the souvenir shop
    At the hospital
    At the police station
    At the noraebang 
    Drinking culture

    If you're still unsure, we always offer a 60-day guarantee so you can request a refund if you are not happy with the series. 
  3. I hope that helps! Please let us know if you have any further questions. 

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