Lesson 3.6 future tense


Seems like both "somebody will do" and "someone might have done" are the same phrase in korean: “(으)ㄹ 거에요/(eu)l guyeyo”? Is this correct?

How would you know which meaning a person is using?


안녕하세요 :)

If you are not 100% entirely sure what is gonna happen, but you just guess what is happening in the future, you can add '아마(도)' (=maybe/probably) in the beginning of the sentence in order to guess.  So, based on your example (i.e. some one might have done), you can say '아마도 누군가 했어'. 

If you are 100% sure what will be happening in the future, you can say (으)ㄹ 거예요. For example, (somebody will do), you can say '누눈가 할거에요. 

Hope this helps! :)


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