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I am a newbie to Rocket language and I am trying to learn the Korean Language. But, I am finding this program a bit overwhelming. Do you have a section that says, "beginner’s start here at step one”? The Dashboard choices seems so advanced to me. Also, can the speed of the Rocket record announcer be changed? The speaker is too fast for me to get the pronunciation no matter how many times I listen. I guess I’m just a little slow. I seem to also have trouble with the wave signal. I cannot get it line up or make it smaller and it takes so long just complete one word. How do I correct this?

Jeremy V

read the Romanized Korean while listening to the audio. you don't have to get the wave signal 100 percent accurate, and the wave can be dragged on by left clicking on it and moving it. check the options for your mic you may need to higher the volume on it. also watch the into to rocket Korean might help you better understand the website.


I will try what you wrote. Thank you so much.

Jeremy V

Your Welcome, if you need anything else just ask.


Don't worry I am a beginner too! I felt a little overwhelmed at first and figured out that I am a visual learner so I just used that to my advantage. I am just pacing myself and I checked out my toolbox and it has some great ideas on learning styles and other things. I recommend that too.

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