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No MegaCards game?


Hello everyone, I am new on this forum. I bought the Rocket Korean course last week. Visited Korea a few times (my wife is Korean) but cannot have a conversation in Korean. So I thought I give it a trie and now a start learning the language. I have a question about the Rocket Korean Premium course. Why is there no MegaCards game included? In other Rocket courses, for example the Spanish course, you get 2 extra bonus games that called MegaCards: "a fun interactive memory game you can play online to test your knowledge of over 150 essential words and phrases". I think its some kind of flashcard game. So why don't we get this MegaCard games in the Korean course? Thank you.


Yes - Time spaced flash cards would be and excellent addition!

Jeremy V

you should post this idea in the suggestion forum. i think that would be really helpful to have a flashcard game.

Jeremy V

why don't you make some flash cards and have your wife hold them up to see if you got it right. i made some flash cards when i first bought Rocket Korean.


Hi Pieter, Unfortunately the MegaCards game is not available for Rocket Korean. Like Jeremy suggested, a flashcard game would be excellent so feel free to make any suggestions in the feedback section here: I hope that helps!

Jeremy V

Hey sujung how are you?


-removed by admin-

Jeremy V

i see a mega audio and mega vocab. they have always been there though. i reinstalled mega vocab just so u know.

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