Optional romanisation


G'day, The one options I would love to be added is an ability to remove the romanisation. My eyes keep being drawn to them even though I can read the Korean! I find them quite confusing because each site seems to have their own version! As a programmer myself, I think the perfect solution would be to have a global option in the user preferences to hide or show the romanisation. If a user has the romanisation hidden then maybe have it displayed when the mouse cursor hovers over the Korean word for a second or two. Like a tool-tip. A second and easier to implement option is to enable or disable by lesson. People like me can hit "Hide Korean Romanisations" before we continue with the lesson :-) Regards, Steven.


I like this idea as well.


I also agree. Even though I try not to read the romanizations I always end up reading those first. I really like the ideas Steven had.


Sounds like a good idea. It would be useful for those who already know how to read well. But for beginners like me, it helps just to see how it should sound first. I think that's what this course is geared towards anyway.


I disagree JRain. Romanization of Korean is terrible and won't help your pronounciation at all. Learning Hangul should be your first step in tackling Korean. Then listen to a lot of Korean to pick up the nuances of pronounciation.


Great idea to opt out of romanisation. Particularly in the 'games' where the phonics shown doesn't match either


I agree with Steven. An option to leave out the romanisation sounds very good to me!


Of course, this option does now exist. Go to your profile and turn romanisation off. I just did it and it is much better.


Great work! Also in the games the romanisation is gone. Thanks, this is so much better!

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