Please change...


all of the Romanized Korean to Hangul on the tests.


Please! It's much better to learn with Hangul!! It was the only reason why I stopped using RK! Thanks.


Hi Tony, Are you referring to the quizzes? The heavy usage of romanization in the quizzes is a throwback to how the course used to be taught but the rest of the course now uses Hangeul and romanization side by side.


Yes, the quizzes. I like taking them, but I don't like to read Romanized Korean. :)


How to I see them in Hangul? I still see them in romanization.


Hi Ryan Unfortunately the Quizzes don't use Hangeul at this stage but I will add it to our wishlist!


I have already learned Hangul and feel like I'm losing ground when I have to do exercises in roman characters.


Hi John, Thanks for your feedback - we do have it on a to-do list to update the quizzes with Hangeul but it probably won't be until the new year. Sorry I can't help at the moment!


I only use Hangeul for reading and writing the Korean language. Romanization I never use, because it's confusing (for non English speakers).


My preference would be Hangeul as well. It has a definite pronunciation. Some of the 'romanised' sounds used here conflict with other 'romanisation' versions I have come across.


Hello guys,

we will work so that all the lessons and quizzes are supported in Korean,

I personally think that learning Korean in Romanization is not good in the long run

Thanks for good idea!


but I have to say, that Romanization is quite necessary for beginners.

and most lessons are written in both Hangul and Rominized Korean, so I think it should no big problem.

But please let me know if you still have trouble with our quizzes and tests

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