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I'm at the point in this course where I'm listening to the "All Conversations" and "All Rocket Review" tracks. I hope you don't mind some feedback about Rocket Review. The gaps between the question and answer are way to long for the most part. (The exception being the "I'm tired" question with barely time to spit out a couple syllables before the answer comes). Most of the time I can say the answer 3-5 times before the answer is given, and then another 3-5 time before the next question. Why does Kelly have to say "Did I hear you say", "The answer is", "Did you say", and so forth on some of the Rocket Reviews. On most Rocket Reviews this isn't done, so its all the more jarring on the ones where it is. It adds nothing to learning process and just adds even more time between questions for no apparent reason. What is most mystifying to me is that it seems to be done more so at the final lessons when we've already had a lot of exposure to the material. Overall, I've enjoyed the material at Rocket Korean a lot, but feel you can make refinements to the Rocket Review process. If you get a chance please check out the Pimsleur Korean audio. Their format is challenging to get the response in before the answer and then followed immediately by the next item. I think being challenged a bit aids the learning process.



Sorry for the late response.

That is some great feedback, Tony. I will talk to the design team and see what we can do.


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