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Forum Rocket Korean Korean Feedback and Comments What is the best order to go through the lessons?

What is the best order to go through the lessons?


Is it best to go through the lessons in order, 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 etc... or is it best to do an interactive audio and then a language and culture? If you've been successful learning Korean with R.L. what order did you go through the lessons? Thanks

Jeremy V

you should learn to read hangul first. then you should do 2 interactive audio lesson and 2 language and culture lesson a week. memorize all the vocab in those lessons.


Mastering two audio lessons and their vocab per week is extremely difficult and time consuming. If you don't have a job and a social life then it may be possible otherwise I would keep it at one. I think the point is to master the lessons not simply be able to repeat them like a song. Rather to understand the mechanics of what you are saying and how and why you are saying it. But if it takes you longer do be it, just be unrelenting in your pursuit.


I find the "Interactive Audio" lessons have a corresponding "Language and Culture" lesson.  The "Language and Culture" lessons often explain grammar and language concepts that one encounters in the "Interactive Audio" lessons.  I usually do a "Language and Culture" lesson first, e.g. 1.6, followed by the "Interactive Audio" lesson that is most closely related to it, e.g. 1.1.  The dashboard would have you do all the "Interactive Audio" lessons first for that level followed by the "Language and Culture" lessons.  I would not advise delaying the latter that long.


Hello guys,

It really depends how deep you are willing to go with Korean.

If you are interested in simple conversation, then the order does not really matter.

However, if you really want to study Korean seriously, I suggest that you start with Writing lesson to know how to read and pronounce Korean. 

I do not think reading Romanized Korea is good way to learn(but it is needed for new-comers!), you should really know how to read and write Hangul, and it would help with other future lessons, and you will have plenty of time to fix your pronunciation on the way.

Please let me know if you have more question!


I am going my own pace, especially as a beginner. I am doing a learning technique that is right for me like learning some simple conversations and what they literally mean and at the same time l work on pronunciation. I am more visual and even though I am serious about Korean, I am in no hurry and I know I will eventually get to Hangul. It is not just about learning about the language for me, I love the culture as well. Let me know if I am on the right track, I feel good about how I am learning.


Hello Heather!

Understanding the culture is actually hardest part of learning the language.

However, if you are serious and you enjoy Korean culture, I am sure you will eventually
get good at Korean. 

However, I do suggest you take the Korean lessons regularly as it would greatly improve your Korean. 

How often you use the language is essential part when you learn new language, so try to be very active with your Korean learning activities.


I will, definitely. Thank you. 


I am still going my own pace and using my own learning techniques like the program suggests.


Isn't it also important to enjoy what I am doing because I do? 


Do you mean regularly as in order because that is what I am doing and of course at my own pace?


As long as you have love for the culture and language, you will eventually get good,

I'm sure of it.

What i meant by regularly is, there are some people who have the 'love' for the language, but they skip weeks between their studies. The longer you do not use or hear the language, more you will forget.

You can just do what you are doing right now, 'your pace,' but i simply recommend you do not have big gap in between your studies.


I don't, I definitely go towards the next lesson. I even go back if I need to. Aside from the lesson I am learning a lot about the culture. To me the hardest is the customs because some stay the same or change. Do you have any suggestions on keeping updated with the customs? Is there a good website or a book out there? 


Also I did have a question about when I am learning Hangul, I was wondering about the Korean keyboard because I am on my iPad mostly, I did not know how to download it? Thank you. 


Hello Heather,

Regarding Korean Keyboard,
just like this link, there are many tutorials on youtube, so use the link i gave u or find the youtube tutorial that suits your OS type.

Regarding the customs, (I am thinking what you mean by customs is about respective or honorifics) the best way to really learn it is to have Korean friends. There are many books about it, but to be honest there is limitation to what you can learn with book regarding this. Because it is almost like a culture, and you cannot really learn culture through books.

However, one alternate way is to watch a lot of Korean dramas because they would use many different forms of Korean


Thank you for the advice. I uploaded Korean keyboard to my iPad. I live in Alabama, so I guess diverse wise we are not like New York. I will be visiting New York more often because I have family there. I am definitely looking forward to watching more Korean dramas. They are awesome.


I plan on learning Korean and speaking fluently, so what has been very helpful for me was, watching Korean shows (with sub of course) on youtube (ex. Hello counselor, Star Bell, etc.) just so I could see how they talk and usually the titles are in both English as well as Hangeul. than I went online and memorized the alphabet. ( that's a helpful link, that may help you memorize the alphabet. than when you have it down, try to go back to the videos and read the titles. than learn new vocabs and common convo and practice writing it as well as reading it.   


Thank you for the link, I appreciate it. Good luck with your studies. I am going to work on the Hangul alphabet when I am ready and I will look into the site you gave me.


Hello guys!

Thanks for the good tip RocketL202!

I checked the link, and it's very useful!


ㅜ - the line is underground, this is not really true. 

Anyway, I definitely agree that watching tv-shows helps

It definitely helped me when I was learning English.

I made a new post about good website to watch Korean dramas and all entertainment shows in Korea. I guarantee it's the best website you will find.

However, there is no subtitle for any of the shows since the website is made for Korean users.

If you feel like you want to try the shows without subs, please check the post I made, and check it out!

I've only been working for this forum recently, but I hope the community will get bigger and bigger soon, so stay active on the forum as well guys!

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