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What's included in the course material?


Welcome, What material is included in the course? First of all : *Thank you for purchasing Rocket Korean Premium course.* The download version of the course includes -Membership to the Rocket Korean Premium Learning Lounge, -32 track Interactive Audio Course, -27 Language and Culture Lessons, Quizzes to test your progress, -The MegaKorean software games, -Rocket Korean Self Tests, -The Rocket Korean Stage I and II Certificate Tests, -Exclusive Membership to the Rocket Korean Learner's Forum With the download order of Rocket Korean Premium you'll have immediate access to the Rocket Korean Premium Learning Lounge, where you can download all of the Interactive Audio lessons and software to your PC or Mac. You can also listen to audio lessons online and view the script of the main conversation in each Interactive Audio Course track. If you would like a back-up of the Rocket Korean Premium Interactive Audio lessons and MegaKorean software on CD, you can have the Rocket Korean Premium 2CD pack mailed to you. This is a free option with your membership; however, we will charge $19.95 for S&H. In order to be able to order it, please click on the link located in the Rocket Korean Learning Lounge page. The Interactive Audio Course files are in MP3 format, which you can download to your iPod/MP3 player or burn to an audio CD. Learn Korean in the car, at the gym, or absolutely anywhere! You also get my weekly Members Only newsletter that gives you great tips and advice on how to hold typical conversations in Korean! These newsletters come with their own activities and exercises. If you have technical issues or inquiries, please send an email to : [email protected] . Enjoy! :)


It's really good to learning korean language.


Hi Sabindra I'm glad you are enjoying the course! All the best :) - Sujung

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