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Hi all,
I just started learning Korean on Rocket Korean. I've listened to Modul 1.0 and feel quite comfortable with understanding the conversations and also speaking the words and phrases myself. However, at this stage, I find it incredibly difficult to do the "Write It" section. Would you recommend that I should absolutely try to memorize how to write the expressions? Or do you think I could also go ahead and continue with Modul 1.1. I kind of feel conflicted inside, and I'd be glad to hear what others think about this. In any case, many thanks in advance for your time!
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Hi Cyyang, 

Our apologies for the late reply! 

We recommend skipping the Write It tests until you have completed the Writing lessons and are familiar with the Korean alphabet. The good news is, Hangeul is intuitive and systematic - many learners say it's the easiest part of learning Korean! 

Good luck :) 

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