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About grammar


Welcome! doubts about some grammar rules that you have just studied? Here you can post your inquiry and a Korean native speaker will answer to your questions!


Hi Sujung Lee: I am just starting the Korean course. Can you point to a good place in the web to learn the Korean alphabet? Thanks, Jorge


The link below is the only website I've run across so far; though I'm sure there are more.


안녕하세요 Lisa! Thanks for the link, it's a good resource! Jorge - This site also has a great simple alphabet chart + great videos demonstrating the sound and writing of each letter: Wikipedia also has a very comprehensive article on the alphabet but it can get very complicated and technical: I hope this helps! - Sujung


Thanks for the great links! I'd like to add one more resource to this page: Being able to type in Korean is extremely useful (especially when coupled with software that can check Korean spelling) and the game linked to above is one of the only Korean typing games I've been able to find.


감사합니다 Matthew씨! Thanks! That's a great way to practise typing in Korean :) - Sujung

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