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Common mistakes English speakers make when speaking Korean


I know when people are learning English they make common mistakes depending on what their native language is. I would like to know what are common mistakes native English speakers make when speaking Korean?

Jeremy V

here is a website that post words that english speakers make mistakes on. you can youtube this website



I'm sure word order is another common mistake for native English speakers. You naturally expect to hear and speak words in a certain order. Getting use to the reverse order is somewhat of a challenge.


When someone is telling you their phone number, in english you say "oh" to mean zero, but in Korean, that means 5, so you might accidentally write down a 0 instead of a 5! I did that a lot in class.



One common mistake English speakers make when speaking Korean is pronunciation.

Korean language have absolutely no exception when it comes to pronunciation, you say it as it is written.

Also, there is no nose humming sound in Korean. If you say 'milk' properly in English, you would notice the hum in the nose, but in Korean, every syllable is pronounced separately, so there is no hum, it would be mil + k

Hope you get this idea, feel free to ask me more if you need

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