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Hi there, I'm not sure when you use imnika, iseyo, or as in "work", what's the difference between 일하십니까 (end with shimnika) and 일하시나요 (end with shinayo)? Please help so I can learn how to end questions. Thank you. Yee Han


안녕하세요 Yee Han! You might find this website helpful: http://www.teachenglishinasia.net/korean-verb-ending-database I hope that helps! If you still have questions, please let me know :) - Sujung


hi .Sujung ! when i study Korean .i have many problem to use question word. can you tell me the easy way to use it


.Please help me . Thank you .bye


sunjung i have a very huge question and this is what bothers me most of all...How do i put the hangul characters in their order when making sentences and words, and how can i read it which way? Please answer because this is the most thing i am struggling on.


Hi Charath, Do you have a specific question word you are having problems with? I will try to help! - Sujung


Hi Keyatta, I'm afraid I'm not sure what you mean by putting the characters in order - do you mean how to group the individual alphabets together? If that's the case, I would recommend checking out the writing lessons in your Language & Culture lessons - these are under the "Writing" tab. I hope that helps! - Sujung


hey i`m really trying my best to learn korean language but i don`t know what is the best why to study & memorize hangul please help ^^


i memorized almost the full alphabet. it is so easy and now i know how to group the Hangeul characters to make symbols. You should check out this pretty cool website. http://www.talktomeinkorean.com


Hy i hope u can help me .im having some difficulties in distinguishing between the sounds of the vowels please help me *-*


Hi Maha, The sounds of the vowels are actually quite easy to remember because the shape of the letter imitates the shape of the mouth! I would recommend going through the lessons on vowels in the Writing section - you can use Rocket Record to play the vowel sounds as many times as you like. I hope this helps! Please let me know if you need any further help. - Amira

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