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Forum Rocket Korean Korean - Grammar How do you put the Hangul characters in their places?

How do you put the Hangul characters in their places?


When I see written Hangul they have it going up and down using the Hangul characters. But how do I know how many to put in the row and where to put it????!!! Please answer please!


Each hangul character has either 2, 3, or 4 "letters". This website explains how to organize each character It is a pretty simple system ㅎ+ㅏ+ㄴ=한. Sometimes you read the character left, right, down and sometimes up, middle, down it depends on what the vowel is. Vowels like ㅗㅜㅡ go in the middle and vowels like ㅓㅏㅣgo on the right. Good luck! I think learning to read and right in Korean is a very important part of learning the language. Its also very fun showing your friends.


Thank you!! This was very helpful!! :)

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