how to introduce myself?


how to introduce myself in korean?


Hi Saajana, Check out the lesson on "Introducing Yourself" here: Good luck!

Jeremy V

you can say, annyeong haseyo, je-i-remeun (your Name) imnida. annyeong haseyo: how are you? Je-i-reumeun: my name Imnida: it is.


Annyeong haseyo 안녕하세요 Hello Jeiremeun 제 이름은 my name (your name) Imnida 입니다 it is


You can also say "anyoung hashimnikka" which means "how do you do" and is little more formal.




I would also refer to our lesson on the introduction

it covers all the necessary element when you need to introduce yourself for the first time!

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