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im confused about ㅚ sound.

Jeremy V

the sound on the writing lesson might be wrong. ive been to a couple of websites and the korean letter ㅚsounds like wai in wait rather than were. if someone can clear my confusion about this letter it would be much appreciated.


Jeremy, here is another site I use that might help. One of the words it has for that character is the Konglish word for shower that might help. Edit: Oops, the shower character is ㅝ. my mistake. Is what you have there a valid compound vowel? My keyboard is seperating ㅗ and ㅓwhen I try to combine them. Yet another edit: I see now that it was a trick of my fonts that I thought I was seeing ㅗ and ㅓand you want ㅚ. There are some good examples of it's use at the above mentioned site. :)


Hi Jeremy, ㅚ is one of those vowels whose sound has changed over time - these days it sounds more like "wae". If it's easier for you, just go with the "wae/wai" pronunciation, it's not a problem as most people pronounce it this way. You can find a list of words using "외" by searching for the syllable here: You'll notice "외삼촌" is pronounced more like "waesamchon". Hope that helps!

Jeremy V

sujung if you have some time, you think you can review the writing lessons audio i think some of it is miss pronounced. thanks in advance. =P


Hi Jeremy, I've added some different examples to the lesson on "ㅚ" - hopefully you get an idea of the different ways of pronouncing this vowel! If there's another writing lesson you think is not being pronounced correctly, let me know and I can have a look :)

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