Korean keyboard


Thanks Marie!!
PS is there any plan for a Korean level 2 on rocket languages??

marieg-rocket languages

Not a problem :) For the time being, we have no plans to add a level 2 on the course, I'm sorry; but in case there is, we would surely let our customers know. 




When I use the Korean keyboard in the "write it" section, the characters are not being created properly - the third letter does not go to the bottom of the word as it is supposed to, eg it comes up as 사자ᄋ니ᄆ instead of 사장님.
What should I do?

marieg-rocket languages

Hi Kateleahy2, 

Yes, the Korean keyboard is not working properly at the moment; I believe our IT Team has been informed of this and most likely they will remove it from the test. In the meantime, if you are a Chrome user, you could use Google Input Tools... Or you can  try to add Korean keyboard setting in Language option in the control panel.


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