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When I use the Korean keyboard in the "write it" section, the characters are not being created properly - the third letter does not go to the bottom of the word as it is supposed to, eg it comes up as 사자ᄋ니ᄆ instead of 사장님.
What should I do?

marieg-rocket languages

Hi Kateleahy2, 

Yes, the Korean keyboard is not working properly at the moment; I believe our IT Team has been informed of this and most likely they will remove it from the test. In the meantime, if you are a Chrome user, you could use Google Input Tools... Or you can  try to add Korean keyboard setting in Language option in the control panel.



Thanks Marie!!
PS is there any plan for a Korean level 2 on rocket languages??

marieg-rocket languages

Not a problem :) For the time being, we have no plans to add a level 2 on the course, I'm sorry; but in case there is, we would surely let our customers know. 



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