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How long does it take to learn chinese?
Deven--3    देवन--३

Deven--3 देवन--३

It depends on how much time you spend.


For me, by spending about two hours a day for a year, I got to a low intermediate level.  Also, it depends on how much exposure you get to people speaking Chinese and your motivation level.


Hi guys!

Though I am not a Chinese tutor(and this is Korean forum), I will answer this question,

Chinese language has numerous characters to memorize, and it takes quite a long time to really master the language,

but I have seen some Chinese learners who learned how to 'speak' intermediate level of Chinese in a year.

However, it is like Robert said, it is really about how much exposure you get when you are learning the language, so there is no exact duration I can give you.

But, Good Luck!

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