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I am wondering if one of the administrators can give me some advice on how this course is designed. Is it designed for me to start with module 1 and work my way through all of module 1 into module 2? I am into module 1.4 and finding that I am not taking much out of it. I find that most of the phrases end up being rote memorization instead of actually explaining how to use each word and how the sentence structure works. So even though I may be able to say phrases, I cannot put any kind of sentence structure together when trying to say a phrase that is similar. 

Should I keep working through, and will things be explained?



Hi Jrademaker2,

The course is designed to be flexible so learners can adapt the lessons according to their needs or learning style. 

However, we tend to recommend listening to one or two Interactive Audio lessons and then one or two Language & Culture lessons as the lessons often relate to each other. 

As you work through the course, try doing a few Survival Kit lessons - these are not in any particular order however they contain bonus lessons with important vocabulary that you will find useful throughout the course like colors, days of the week, etc.

The Language & Culture lessons are where you can find the grammatical explanations so you might find it useful to start there. You can see a list of topics in the top navigation bar (hover your mouse over the "Language & Culture" tab). 

I hope this helps!

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