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Hola, Me Llamo Malene. I am only now starting the lessons though, so please bear with me as I start in English. I speak some languages already, and each language pronounce my name slightly differently. I really wish there would be a way for me to find out how Spanish speakers would pronounce my name. I suspect it will be the closest to the French pronunciation, but I of course wouldnt know. Thanks in advance, Malene


Hola Malene, How is your name pronounced? Is it, Ma-lee (as in a Chinese surname - '__Lee__') -nee (as in '__knee__')? OR Is it, Ma-le (as in __le__mon) - ne (as in __ne__t)? Usually, a Spanish speaker would pronounced every syllable of your name - so with the second pronunciation - Ma-le _(as in __le__mon)_ - ne _(as in __ne__t)_ -Mauricio


Hello! Would it also be possible if someone could tell me how to pronounce my name in spanish as well??por favor! me llamo hayley ( as in hay-lee) would the h be silent? would it sound more like ah-le? as in ah + le (*le-*che) ? and would it be possible to know what australia is in espanol? because im not really from los estados unidos and when im practicing saying where im from i cant really say im from america because most people can pick up my australian "accent" lol thank you!


i just read the part where you said spanish speakers break it down into syllables so i've kind of broken it down, but pleease correct me so here it goes: *australia* a= ah u = oo s = s t = t r = r (rolled) a= ah l = l i = ee a= ah ah-oo-st-rah-lee-ah ?? gracias


Hola Hayley. Yes, I think you've broken down the syllables in "Australia" pretty well. If you want to hear how a native Spanish speaker says the name of the country (or MANY other words), go to *Forvo* at *__*. I've found it to be a VERY useful site. It covers many languages, but you can ask for just how a word is pronounced in Spanish. In the case of Spanish, they have versions recorded by two different speakers, one from Chile and one from Mexico. You should probably go there and try to figure out how to use the site, and you may have to register, I don't remember, but if you get stuck, the specific URL for hearing "Australia" said in Spanish is *__*.


Hola, I just visited the forvo site to hear how my country, Canada, is pronounced. But there were 2 different pronounciations. How should I say it? Thanks.

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