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Native Korean Fifty Pronounce?


For the native korean numeral fifty it's romanization is shwin, but it sounds more like shin to me, I was hoping someone could tell me if I say it as shin and the w sound just dissapears entirely, and when does shiot make a "sh" sound?


The compound vowel ㅟ is used here, and combines a sound similar to the "oo" in moon and "ee" in tree. I can definitely here both sounds. The "sh" sound of ㅅ is a bit tricky to know. In this case, I think it's because of the "ee" sound in the compound vowel. But it also seems to be the case with the characters such as 셨 which seems to be pronounced "shyush" to my ear.


Hi Tucker and Tony, The vowel ㅟ is pronounced as "wee" - try saying "oo" + "ee" together and you'll end up with "wee"! Check out this lesson for some example words: As for when "ㅅ" becomes a "sh" sound, this is when "ㅅ" is followed by an "ee" sound (ㅅ + ㅣ) . In the case of "쉰", it's "shwin", listen carefully for the "w" sound, it's there but not that noticeable. Hope that helps!

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