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What is the root verb of 드세요? I can't find it on Minjung's Essence Korean dictionary app. I don't know if it's missing from the dictionary or if I'm just not able to determine the root verb correctly. Thanks in advance.

Jeremy V did you check this rocketlanguage lesson? its the second one down from more examples.


So 드세요 conjugates from 먹다? How the heck does that work? I tried using search at the top of the Rocket Korean pages, but it only seems to search phrases I have saved and not the site content. I've been using some sites I've found for verb conjugation and 먹다 doesn't include 드세요 as a conjugated form. Perhaps a limitation of the conjugation tables.

Jeremy V

it might be the honorific form.

Jeremy V

lol found out its on the honorific lesson as well . at the endl


Thanks, Jeremy. I guess that makes sense. Honorific changes seem hard to follow until you know them. FYI here are the conjugations for 막다 at one of the sites I use. The parenthesis have pronunciation guides. declarative present informal low 막아 [마가] declarative present informal high 막아요 [마가요] declarative present formal low 막는다 [망는다] declarative present formal high 막습니다 [막씀니다] past base 막았 [마갇] declarative past informal low 막았어 [마가써] declarative past informal high 막았어요 [마가써요] declarative past formal low 막았다 [마가따] declarative past formal high 막았습니다 [마가씀니다] future base 막을 [마글] declarative future informal low 막을 거야 [마글 거야] declarative future informal high 막을 거예요 [마글 거예요] declarative future formal low 막을 거다 [마글 거다] declarative future formal high 막을 겁니다 [마글 검니다] declarative future conditional informal low 막겠어 [막께써] declarative future conditional informal high 막겠어요 [막께써요] declarative future conditional formal low 막겠다 [막께따] declarative future conditional formal high 막겠습니다 [막께씀니다] inquisitive present informal low 막아? [마가?] inquisitive present informal high 막아요? [마가요?] inquisitive present formal low 막니? [망니?] inquisitive present formal high 막습니까? [막씀니까?] inquisitive past informal low 막았어? [마가써?] inquisitive past informal high 막았어요? [마가써요?] inquisitive past formal low 막았니? [마간니?] inquisitive past formal high 막았습니까? [마가씀니까?] imperative present informal low 막아 [마가] imperative present informal high 막으세요 [마그세요] imperative present formal low 막아라 [마가라] imperative present formal high 막으십시오 [마그십씨오] propositive present informal low 막아 [마가] propositive present informal high 막아요 [마가요] propositive present formal low 막자 propositive present formal high 막읍시다 [마급씨다] connective if 막으면 [마그면] connective and 막고 [막꼬] nominal ing 막음 [마금]



Korean language have an alternate form when speaking with respect. This process can be simply solved by adding 요 or 세요. However, there are some expressions that have totally different word. 드세요 is one of them. It does not come from 먹다, but it means the same thing, but in respectable manner. There are some cases like this. No specific rules, but just need to know and memorize.

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