g or k


how would i now if ᄀ is used as k or g?


안녕하세요 thyinn~ ㄱ is normally more of a 'k' sound when it is at the beginning of a word and more of a 'g' in the middle of the word. Be careful not to make too much of a 'k' sound though, because you might get confused with ㅋ, which is the soft 'k' sound. I hope I haven't confused you! - Sujung


I want to know more korean words.even if i had the meaning of the conversation i didn't understand which korean word belongs to which english word so,instead of the conversation i would like to know words like on the letter teaching.


Hi Eyerus! If you're looking for the meaning of specific words, you may want to copy the word and look it up in an online dictionary. You might also find it useful to copy the Korean script into Google Translate to compare words: http://translate.google.com/ The translations are not always accurate but it will give you an idea of how the words are split up and translate simple words for you. I hope that helps! - Sujung

Jeremy V

we also have a translator on this site visit my tools and look up phrase finder.

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