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'여행떠낼' meaning?


Hi! can any one break this down for me? '여행떠낼' .tried to find on google but only managed to find that 여행 means travel. wonder qhat that여행떠낼 means.. Thanks!


Hi! :)
여행떠낼 is actually a typo. It should be '여행 떠날' or '여행을 떠날'.

떠날 means to Leave or to Take off. So '여행 떠날' simply means to take off for a travel or to go on a trip. 


Hello guys!

There is no such thing as 떠낼,

여행 means 'travel,' and 떠나다 mean 'to go, to leave.'

so it should be 여행을 떠나다.

떠날 means 'plan to leave, plan to go'

so Stacy, if you say 여행을 떠날, it's not really a complete sentence, 

it should be followed by 예정이다 (plan to)

나는 여행을 떠날 예정이다 (I plan to go travel)

Please let me know if there is anything confusing, and I will try my best to answer it in better quality!

Good Luck!

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