Pronouncing ㄹ


I'm not sure quite how to go about pronouncing the consonant ㄹ. Are you supposed do some form of combination of the English "r" and "l", or do you use your throat or a trill? I haven't been able to make the consonant sound right so far (although I can't trill). Thanks in advance


안녕하세요 Hello Snaydle! "ㄹ" is definitely a tricky letter for non-Korean speakers. To put it simply - it's more like the English "R" if it's an initial letter and more like an "L" if it's at the end of the word. I would say if ㄹ is the initial letter, the sound is more like a combination of "R" and "D" or somewhere in between the two! The best way to get a hang of the sound is to listen to the pronunciation and try to imitate it. I hope that helps! Good luck :) - Sujung

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