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Romanization of some vowels


I'm finding a lot of variations on the romanization for certain vowels in the practice sections. For example, in lesson 1.1, the phrase: Jeon Chuum butteo mal mani an hayo. The first 4 vowels are inconsistent. The first vowel "eo" is meant to be "ㅓ" and the second vowel is "u" representing "ㅓ" as well (which is consistent with the actual lessons), and then the 3rd vowel "u" is representing "ㅡ" and the 4th vowel, another "u" is representing "ㅜ". I'm not sure how easy my explanation is to follow but I guess my point is that this inconsistency is making it a little more difficult. Is there any trick pronouncing the romanization of hangul?


This is why I don't like romanization of Korean. In my opinion, learning Hangul is an important step in learning Korean, and romanization should only be used until you are comfortable with Hangul. The good news is that Hangul is much more consistent than our own alphabet and not hard to learn.


Hi Gregory, As Tony mentioned, it really is much better to learn the Hangeul - it's very easy to learn and much more consistent and systematic. Korean is a very difficult language to romanize and the transliterations are more of a guide to the pronunciation although we try to be consistent. I'd recommend checking out the writing lessons to learn the Hangeul writing system. I hope that helps!

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